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John and Paula Sandford teach on how to receive healing from Bitter Root Judgments and Expectancies formed from childhood experiences.
Teaching on healing and transforming one's heart of stone into a heart of flesh that feels.
From an Elijah House teaching series titled Healing Trauma featuring, Prayer Minister/Teacher, Sandra Sellmer-Kersten
Headlines=8 billion, high crime, poverty, chaos, school violence, food shortages, people fleeing cities. Circled people in field watching sky. Field filled w/cautious white sheep & oblivious gray goats. Man appeared w/shepherd staff, opened gate & spoke COME. Sheep lined up & moved to gate, nuzzling shepherd in passing. Shepherd kept eyes on gate. Goat got in line. Man took him by horns & walked him away from gate. Returning to gate, he spoke COME. Get ready to get in line for I am coming soon.
Pay attention to details more than you have. Somebody has to take the light to the dark places. Some will not like the light that you bring. They can extinguish the flame I started in your heart so burn brilliantly & w/passion. Fight the good fight & remain grounded in the Word b/c the world is about to go dark. That dark world will need the light you carry to reveal the way to me. Encourage the next crew coming down the shafts. Tell them, I will be working right beside them in the dark.
Fireworks? Burning chaos. Worse than you thought it would be. You were warned & told that perilous times were coming. Many have ignored the truth. With tears he said, do not leave your first love. Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Stay repentant & in center of the wheel. Overcome. Walk thru open door. Stay disciplined. I will walk beside you during persecution and pain. Remained hard braced and battle ready. I am coming & my reward is with me. I am with you always & as far as to your end
In the White House. People are terrified of those pushing me forward into a conference room where 3 others are. 3 are taken out and shot. Men say: 'that was quick for them but you, we are gonna get to know b/c you really have no idea who you are dealing with.' Man pull off his face to reveal demon. Dream ends. A year+ goes by. Spiritual leader requests visit. Night before visit, Glenn has same dream. Spiritual leader confirms dreams-visions are meant to be heeded. 'Do not dismiss that dream'.
man w/clerical robe in pulpit states 10 commandments are outdated in practice & principal. Congregation in costumes. Few not in costume uncomfortable. Jesus said-you can try to keep me out & discount my word, but I will not be silent or locked out. Pulled face from speaker revealing demon. As i expose the truth, you will be given a chance to take your mask off - if not, your circumstances will tear them from your face. Its not too late to warn the body. woe to those who refuse to listen

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